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development of tumors on a basis of disturbance of development.

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Colic due to ingestion of cold water Congestive colic.

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the State could without expense decrease enormously the

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activity of the tumor cells. The opposed surfaces of the attached

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the liver projects below the costal margin. The splenic region is occasion

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and perfectly obvious details has prevented the accumulation of a

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may be your ending I Under such circumstances the lamp of

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But in countries where agricultural necessities require that the Pigs be

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occurred continuously for six months. There was evidence of syphilis but

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training at the hands of the student in medicine before granting him his

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Pascarolep io discusses the advantages of egg albumen as a

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Dr. Shumway said that the small magnets were not strong

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and temperature present I put the patient at rest and eliminate the

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The results obtained at the Charite were most satisfactory. All cases of

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with Keibel in tracing the anterior abdominal wall and the anterior

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mahogany brown with solution of permanganate of potas

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effects more pronaptly the carbonization of the envelopes.

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head higher during this financial depression than any

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septic strength sublimate is less irritating than car

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as a slightly turbid straw colored fluid. This must be strained

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Such conclusion appears to be obvious and natural. A

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ing to perfection. Many horses step short and quick and yet do

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Leyden and Senator and tlu Locid overnnient Moard s report hy Parsons

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mathematical exactitude but which gives an idea of the multiplication

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was done in what was admittedly a time of great crisis

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which the patients recovered rapidly. Pain entirely

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But nine out of ten of those who hold political places

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tracted opening sometimes useful. In severe cases tracheotomy.

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analogy we infer that the same causes operate on the horse for

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niency occurs in private families unlefs particnltr regard is

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Children are born with divers heart lesions such as patency of the

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especially the anterior ones and are all visible outside the lateral

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influence can make itself felt prophylactically as well as thera

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by medical practitioners most imsafe. He also shows

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raised. Often there was redness over the affected vessel. A

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pharjmgeal disease or from sinus suppuration. On the other

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should be regulated in order to stimulate the body and brain in the

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urethra. Patient also gave history of loss of virile

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of the future are particularly dependent upon this that investigation

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dilatation of the right ventricle without much hypertrophy a great

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light at other times dark. The next day the tenderness and

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dies iron should now be used to correct the anfemia. Combination

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rib is flrnily fixed to the ninth costal cartilage not

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or rectum by examining fresh and stained preparations. Yet in a few

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character to that of fiver. The microscope discovered in it nothing more than

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the districts not as yet thoroughly investigated from the arche

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common which are intolerant of arsphenamine and mercury.

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obvious intestinal resonance upon percussion. The large fibro cystic

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pressure to prevent the contraction of the heels which often follows.

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Diarrhea is combated by employing first a laxative followed

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Williamson says practically every year shows a definite

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Hospice of Marie Therese with a roll of 40 inmates 36 were

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extent thus giving it the appearance of an ordinary

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gained in the many dispensaries of our large cities

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Fine silk was used for sutures and a small drainage tube

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Guiana was also present in the person of Dr. J. Wolff

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Prescriptions. The Panel Committee was requested by

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lobules of one lobe might be affected. MacCallum describes this condition

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poisonous substances had been taken through which tube fluid

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mediastinal space generally. A tumour starting in the mediastinum