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interesting series of cases of suture of various nerves

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tion we have had only 5 fatal results. Other surgeons show an equally

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pulse 68 respiration 30. Patient s condition was good

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the Bothriocephalus latus in these animals. Parona and Zschokke have

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one by Bard of Lyons of ulceration of the popliteal

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the next year a lower one a difference to be accounted

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Our observations however show that the first assumption is incor

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first closed tightly that does not show the old man s

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prominent petioles 1 to 1.5 cm long slightly lepidote. Inflorescence

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Wort. Some of these are direct. c the writer recognizes the

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received training at that camp until October 8 when the command entrained

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nasal diphtheria e rhinoliths or chalky concretions accompanied by

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Finally in many persons the coating of the tongue for life

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the sick and burn up them and all their droppings as the latter

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latter condition must be regarded as essentially the

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to which our noses would have led us long ago if we

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sician was a careful observer and had a high reputation as a clinical

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old age is prevented the bone marrow is kept healthy and by

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passed in the urine. On the other hand a progressively rising blood sugar

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It is also shown very clearly that the contraction which is brouBbt

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elicited by striking any of the tendons for instance the

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bowel movements. This treatment gave complete relief to

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necessarily produce a reflex paresis of the intestine and

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immber of cells in the cortex of the brain and it re

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say. Its constant presence in all cases of peritonitis

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drinks and still more the disturbance of the humours that

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the War Office. The organization of this hospital is the

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logical factor especially in relation to these transient and

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ample for the production of nitrite by certain organisms of

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utilizing the Omega West Reactor are consistent with the policy statutory and

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It is of great consequence to remark that when the bowel complaint has

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seems to be as prevalent in the Royal Navy as bad teeth

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ferent points in the urethra and in varying conditions.

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Identical circumstance.s occurred in connexion with the relapsing fever

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with formation of irritating substances in stomach and intes

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The diagnosis of this type of fits depends on the clinical

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This frequent degeneration which had been already oljserved by

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through the posterior roots of the spinal nerves into the

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of hot water. Ether boils at 98 F. and vapor passes over

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nasal and bronchial secretions should be practised.

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rise to cystitis except under the influence of some

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accounts. One of our contemporary American writers Marion

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hotels and boarding houses as well as to private dwell

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Melchior s 15 cases of tuberculous peritonitis in men between the ages

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other elements of a deleterious nature which it has been

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illustrating the same character of deformity one of which is almost a

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from the vein in case it is opened but accompanying this

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Furthermore it is not always possible to find the wound.

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make a large income out of faduonable people. On the oontinmt

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The book is a French classic written in a racy style in

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exertion rupturing some of the blood vessels in the nose it is

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Take two tablespoons of oatmeal pour on it a pint of

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there were as many successes as failures and the dark mysteries of the

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pregnant uterus. In a series investigated later thirty one

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size of a pinhead and larger superficial in situation.

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tans tadient avec leurs remedes rhimiques de passer pour

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and in most instances after the fortieth year of life.

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endothelium has obliterated the cavities in varying degrees

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his certificate notify the Secretary of the Board of

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pubis and extends backwards. The same authority remarks that thi

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The zeal of its earlier members having soon raised the Socie

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student is painfully familiar. The inconveniences it

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knowledge which has been gained of the chemical struc

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teries Dynamos the Electric Light and the Principles and Practice of Electrical

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uecesBaiy for its performance. It mnat be kept in mind

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are necessary is in many respects the most important and has a

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Dr. Barker I understand that Dr. Frank Evans of the clinical

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men have been wounded and need surgical attention. The sur

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Anaesthesia with Anoci Association without mental or

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and in considerable quantity. As however it was thought the bladder was

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