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city and medical gymnastics. The latter is perhaps too much
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both qualitative and quantitative as to be practically indis
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superior to them though culturally on a lower level. The effect
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line 1 by their dull color as distinguished from the
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vary considerably in size. This ranges from 1 to 8 micra.
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brown and with the brown skin the fall in temperature after a
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was full of coagulated blood mixed with purulent matter. The dura mater coi
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grave form of acute general peritonitis is almost invari
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Blood The effect of diminished supply to the intestines upon the
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with fresh air outside. The questions which Pearl tries to answer are
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to an acidity of 20. When so reduced the agent to be
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rupted silkworm gut sutures. T he sutured lines are now
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Coagulation may be induced in three modes by slowing the
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the relations of the pleura to each other as well as
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Association of Surgeons Practising Dental Surgery. The whole profes
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limit his research to the detection of a corrosive poison such as
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ble data which the rest of the world had of the results
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strangbahn of the Germans including the long fibres of
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which is soluble in nitric acid hence the necessity of adding
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been steady with the exception of one or two breaks. The first of
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tives taken during the Civil War and Spanish War are available for
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treated successfully without amputation by the anti
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following trivial comparison will serve to render my thought easier
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nothing analogous to the second law in the differential equations
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This ointment will be found to act efficaciously and quickly in stimu
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cious obedience to authority to the actual study and colla
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Reduction of Nerve Tension. One of the most positive thera
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to be due to the passage of an unknown invisible micro organ
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between narrow limits 30 to 32 per cent was decided upon.
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adopted. The bill makes it unlawful for any transportation
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immigrants in the Straits and Malay Archipelago show a high
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Fund and College withdraw their subscriptions from the
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those which as yet have attracted little attention. The pan
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but the most desperate cases. The following prescription secures
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from men and animals it drives daimons from the possessed
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