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still walked lame but placed more weight on the leg. Exercise was
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duction of the number of insertions in other words in limiting
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in the femur itself is finally retarded and the final
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as practicable be ascertained by the ward medical officers and appropriate entry thereo
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a guinea pig. The hair was closely cut and the point
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Case 64. Male aged 38 admitted November 21st 1902 died Novem
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observed by tho juaticot witli pninful coosdcntiouanosiL Saacc the
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oliaerTers indioc to the firet theory as they regard the reabsorbed bile
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Operation. Incision in outer edge of the right rec
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forty cases reported third nerve paralysis in eight
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fested in grave and even fatal results when large doses
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means of defence. The intestinal phenomena of the prodromal period are
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she was treated without much benefit. These symptoms
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mine Wild Jessamine and Woodbine and bears yellow flowers
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college have delivered their lectures under the auspices of this society. A
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them. The whole surface becomes covered with a teuaeiuus opaque
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reports most favourably about a Clayton gas apparatus
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the peduncle increases in its thickness gathering fibers from the
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factors which control the action of the cilia. If we
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to poisonous or indigestible foods however blows and fractures to the
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worm dad is perhaps the commonest of all skin diseases here. Its
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between the horny layer JJ and the mucous layers M. Numerous
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places south of the twenty fifth degree of north latitude whi h
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Student Certificate issued by the Board of Medical Examiners of
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medium it was thought that only the typhoid bacillus and the
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trema Looss 1900 1902 515. Braun 1901a 23 1901b 23. Stiles 1901r
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diagnosis of loss of weight due to them is generally obvious.
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When chloroform is impure owing to the presence of alcohol or ether
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as a terminal symptom. A diagnosis of the paralysis agitans type f
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and in the case of the strong and phlegmatic and where
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haemorrhage embolism etc. yet its association with fatty heart is still
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onder favorable bygienic circamstances it will be sufficient
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service has prompted the Council on Medical Education
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that the forms of disease in which homoeopathic drugs have thus
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Duration. The most acute case resulted in death in ten days. One
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hepatic omentum and the anterior laj er of the great omentum. Its
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whether it would not be better to eliminate the young women
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to lumping. It need not therefore be powdered anew at the time of
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Little difficulty is experienced in guiding the finger
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sider that a vessel thirty days out from a plague port
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gonorrhoeal articular affections the author has seen good results
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plication with fatty liver while in cirrhosis a history of excessive spirit
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malignant fevers in the months of July and August in these otherwise healthy
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touching all parts of raw surface with chloride of zinc. See Cancer.
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deaths occurred and it is instructive to investigate the causes