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being determined by the Regents of the University of the

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an arranged date free from all oedema but with his urine

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Bath Royal United Hospital. Thanks to the efforts of the

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He was much concerned in the medical problems raised by the war

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officers will be concerned with the multitudinous duties attendant upon the dispatching

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savage is not acquainted with such ideas as suggestion

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changed state of the blood common to many maladies. l he fauces

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face of the planet now occupied by the continents and the adjacent

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settlers. Baron Stoerck of Vienna introduced aconite into legi

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polypus of the size of a hazel nut. Cauterisation of

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by the courtesy of their owners were Muchalls Crathes

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the rigid stem bronchus by oral bronchoscopy asthnudoid wheeze present.

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with ether or alcohol. The filtered liquid being diluted

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ing their barks. C. Caduciflora growing near the town of Jaen de

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pect to find an increase in the uric acid and alloxuric

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remembered that he did not specialize on the Arabic MSS. alone

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w.ar service has to be a vastly sturdier and more powerful

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tity of cold water. The elevations on the surface of the body

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haustion emaciation and anaemia are more marked than in any other con

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papers some read before societies two written for the Cyclopcedia

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illustrative of the sarcomata which are at one end of the scale

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secretion which was followed by inflammation of both glands an abscess

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the original 606. He considered that the intramuscular

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Other cases and specimens of interest were shown by

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were graded into four classes from the nobility to the

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demic of dermatitis gangrenosa which is discussed in this report

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clinical knowledge of internal diseases was confined to externalities

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exists the changes in the area of dulness will be less marked.

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cates as curiosities they must not be taken as being in

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varying in kind and degree. There are no primary structural lesions

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Furthermore Dr. Walters argues that every practitioner who

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pathological serological laboratory for the manufacture of typhoid

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Panizza Bartol. Sul Corpo Cavernoso dell Uretra e Sul Sistema Lin

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to the recognition ami management of the conditions

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Indiana s soldiery in the conflict of arms to which they are called

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cult to procure a prompt evacuation of the stomach. If the pain be

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certain but by no means all the requirements of the veterinary

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attitudes of our body. Let us take arbitrarily as our origin one of

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fresh air sunlight cleanliness etc. for it is a tonic

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This the White Wood or WUd Cinnamon tree of the West Indian

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calomel is useful and to be recommended. In the absence

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June and July. The leaves are the parts used in medicine and should

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self to them extend. Let him live in his imagination the glowing

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about the early genius of Jenner as a naturalist because of his early

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wards the right eye ball turns slightly inward. The

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ation impossible. In cases of inoperable carcinoma and epithelioma

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with the official Service lists. The first principle laid down

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The dentine is surrounded in the crown by the enamel

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Cooper that I myself became tired with the ambition to

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proved successful definite absolute indications for

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in military surgery in its broadest sense and let us see what

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suspected. The discharge grew more and more abundant the sub

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prominence above mentioned downwards and forwards the length of the limb

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sporing. Creamy growth on agar with greenish fluorescence liquefies

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pharynx and trachea are also involved. This is rather rare occur

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cases in an arthritic hospital in the service we are willing

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present in places where from his point of view they

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Witness Oiuselves at our Palace at Westminster this Eighth day of

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The alchemy of the Middle Ages busied itself with this question as it

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excessive vomiting of pregnancy were admitted. AH the

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On opening the abdominal cavity M. Bichelot found a soft

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Brassavolus Ant. M. De Morbo Gallico Qusestiones de Ligno Saucto

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been undi r consideration by the Ainerican Medical Association

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and coma and the rapid subsidence of these symptoms on ab

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interesting series of cases of suture of various nerves