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the Board of Health of Manila the population is given as fol
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outward direction. When the tooth is thoroughly loose
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amount of veterinary work in their land grant colleges the
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ing bait but also moving the traps about to conform to
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sent to the island. Ten well developed cases have been
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scientists and business men of the tropical portion of the
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Peloponnesian War over four hundred years before the Christian era. It was a
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of the median portion of the prostate as shown in 1 Fig. m.
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of the Hospital 5 084 patients. That the emergency service is very
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annually into the river and as a consequence typhoid
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sometimes both sides. At last every purposed movement is
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difficult of treatment because of the use of these unsuitable
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any claim to finality. Indeed this result is almost inevitable owing to the
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revision of the Physiological Series the Sections F Integument
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ruained normal the swelling subsided and the wounds
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to a considerable extent and these differences have to bc
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eyes and head the lesion is in the upper cephalic portion
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reformation than the treatment both of the ewe and the lamb at the
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in the dorsal and trans erse processes in the cervical and lumbar
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lieved from duty at Cape Fear quarantine station to
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In the United States scurvy lias hecome a very rare disease. To the
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infection. In the character of the fever the mode of involvement of the
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exactly equal to that of salvarsan while its therapeutic
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grave form of acute general peritonitis is almost invari
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supplied in my opinion by the accepted phylogenetic
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the effect in this important case The patient says Dr. Hay
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very high and in both also the destruction judged by the uric
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phical manuscript of her father George W. Julian the following note
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especially when snow is on the ground children under eight
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first act of defecation and then lasting only a few minutes.
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how to live love learn labor must have something to say to all
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His pupils were natural mind unaffected pulse sleep and appetite also
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A powerful vesicant. Applied to the skin in an undiluted form
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terminate in the vicinity of the hyoid bone or in some
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to attack the nasal tissues. Why is it not possible
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During 1847 and part of 1848 Kussmaul was at Vienna and Prague studying
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the spear measured seven inches and the interference of treatment the ab
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emptying into the circle of Willis should have no effect but unfortunately
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nature are in general rounded with rounded or slightly oval
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seen lavator ani muscle and is only influenced by sundry
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torwm Paracelsus first notes the coincidence of cretinism and
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scarring which.must follow the evacuation of a liver abscess.
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VAN LEEUWEN Enchiridium dictionis epicae. Lugduni Batavorum 1892 94.
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principles in a most assimilable form and by its diastasic action
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ployment of such instruments. Both long and short crotchets are
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seen few cases in which permanent relief had not fol
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warm water much to the comfort of the little patient. Applications to
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century while in the Middle Ages the superstitions were more ludicrous and
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become beyond control. The author is essentially right but
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of giving sedative cough mixtures during the day or of
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ever are scarcely likely to be used in any appreciable
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the process which precedes the deformity in most adolescent cases
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after Heinecke Mikulicz 4 of these were subsequently supple
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at the bursar s office for the first time receives an appointment
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do. She got up and ate a very light breakfast complained of
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what some French pathologists have asserted to the contrary the slow
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the firmness of character required to deal with the frail
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Investigations as to the importance of fishes as eradicators of
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