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cells of trigeminal origin is also justified. It is quite probable

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bowel movements. This treatment gave complete relief to

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in one year with typical signs of spleno myelogenous leukaemia.

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and that no osseous meatus exists. The upper wall of the

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and attending to her customary duties nearly as soon as after

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ment rooms for ambulatory patients fitted up and a stafT composed of officers

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ergotine and preparations of turpentine had failed.

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Underhill 5 has found that dogs exposed to phosgene chlorine or chloro

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Loss of Weight. This is the earliest and most obvious

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attention the patient can give to the treatment and the ease with which

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safed for although some teachers would doubtless select other

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muscle be laid bare and tested by puncture or by electricity and

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most of them were so inadequate that the catgut urti

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with known typhoid serum the bacillus produced a typical

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To Teach a Colt to Follow You. Take the cord using the

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renal congestion with suppression of urine and in each instance the

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action of coagulation. The lucidity and logical power in the.

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state throughout her menstrual life. During the pre cessation period the

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flour enough to make a dough ginger to taste roll out

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Senior Surgeon to the British Hospital for Diseases of the Slim.

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brown. It has no taste and is inodorous unless heated when it exhales

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to the size of the foetal head. For years roentgenologists have been

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ive degeneration in the cortices of the hemispheres

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Camphor Cubebs Grindelia in spasmodic cough. Iodoform

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of the sternal end of the clavicle forward successfully treated by

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when asleep is restless and sweats profusely mainly about the head and

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nation by hypodermic use justify the statement that

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the subject of his paper some rare or unusual disease or operation.

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as there was no indication that the mild case of subacid dyspepsia

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incij ient mortijica tion or gan grene. It is attended

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which would have led to the discovery of such conditions

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each generation. True but nevertheless the incompatible ideas

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conditions from meningocele but in separating these from scalp

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possession of a lot of valuable experiences. His staff is an exceedingly

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by it or mouth of urethra gets involved there is no pain during

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meningitis and a very turbid spinal fluid containing a large number

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moval of necrotic material offering a medium for growth

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it does attack it afflicts with symptoms coincident with the

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during life led to the inference that in other cases also which presented

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outbreak. After certain fevers particularly measles and whooping cough

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christen it as lethargic encephalitis without lethargy but

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Treatment. Use tonics internally massage with warm oil and employ

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erly secured there is no need of additional bandages.

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or of its morbid affections generally partly indeed because but

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Bismuthi Subnitratis grs x Mucilaginis Acacias ad 5j

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are the most efficient cures for these conditions I am told.

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getting wet are the principal causes of bronchitis in sheep.

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Ovaries. The ovary was metastasized in only 5 cases 4 times

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bodily motion and deep breathing. Tender to percussion over

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which contains this number of grains of soda will saturate its equi

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geons the President of the American Medical Association the presidents

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ity of the paralyzed muscles which simulates the loss of

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us to welcome with joy the appearance of the large mono

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consorts that is 47 per cent. had died of tuberculosis.

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often found thrown into one. Such cavities may enlarge or from

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members of the house according to the following order 1 the

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The rate of mortality which American life insurance

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limbs were thickly encrusted with an epithelial mortar like deposit.

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dition I am very sensitive I do more writing than during any

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islands and China. The mininuun death rjite was reached in Dei ember

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stagnant moisture and the greater humidity ot the air

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transplanted cells continue to multiply and form a continuous epi

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Body which appeared as this sheet was passing the press.

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