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as a source of Tincture of Opium and Extract of Opium of
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jtion they yield a small quantity of essential oil
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sion with bact riologj asejisis and antisepsis inflamma
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this condition veratrine has also been given with great advantage sub
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generally known that at least 350 officers of the Royal
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the local revenue official should be firmly resisted. The
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of deaths in workhouse infirmaries and this is probably
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type F. anatis apparently intended for Monoetoma as it is attributed to Zed.
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and Hill. Krogh and Lindhard have attempted to review the whole question
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drowsy the drowsiness passing into stupor and frequently into coma. A
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pulmonary consumption that when his first visit is made to a patient in
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cause to the decrease in number of colonies in the last case they
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Sergeant M G. A. C admitted to hospital September 22
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From a review of the evidence presented in this paper regarding
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of LdndoH on that day the delivery of the presidential address by the
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Or iUileTeloped orj ans when inilomix arc more prooe to tbe formation
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journey to Labrador and before going propose to or
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pressure on the uterus externally will sometimes be necessary.
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where the relative j roportion of the colored population is greatest
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region febrile disturbance and a sanguineous discharge from the urethra
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phenomena consist in the presence of black sloughs indicative of intense
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near a rope used for drawing up slaughtered sheep. Her head got
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orifices this mutual pathogenic action is not so certain.
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backwards around the thigh and through the aperture B the two cross
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borum quae fuerunt tamen verecunda si quis cum Amobianis con
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Pennsylvania has been given everything asked for and now
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exception of the vegetable compounds are irritanis to tlie
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to open up a legal question which in other quarters has proved very
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scapular region. On percussion the heart dullness was
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when the stomach was full and in the upright position.
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siders mainly the actions and transformations of energy through
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Examination. In all the following meetings of the Conference all the English
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destruction of the cell through fattj degeneration. Upon connec
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and producing Extensive Softening in its neighbourhood Absence of Aphasia
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present should be removed by douching or swabbing. If
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completely as possible and after the Injection the scrotum
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patients exhibited pneumococci in 54 per cent and hemolytic streptococci
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Properties and Uses. In large doses an acro narcotic poison. Medi
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posed uteri accompanied with other pelvic troubles and dis