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nic organisms in the intestines and prevent the for
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knife had transfixed the colon and rectum. In the Edinburgh Philosophical
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his wound. I washed the wound in a bichloride solution one to three
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perineum was now painted with iodine and a No. 27 passed daily.
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on the inner side of right thigh. After an enforced rest for
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brought about by use or non use. It is perhaps necessary to
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in those congenital diseases which are of germinal origin
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every instance the habit of hair swallowing was of years continuance.
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extent. A farther resolution was adojited to petition the
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December 8th the temperature reached 99.6 F. but on thf
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where it is severe is manifested at once upon the heart inducing
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medical observation it will be found that the pulse is habitually quick
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Perhaps in all states of weakness there is more or less
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that already several Divisions of the Briti. h Medical
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doctors are on tho panel seventeen new practices have
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mations resulting from multiplicity of parts as polydactylism.
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nation and that the flocking of medical students from all
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pons were thickly studded with an enormous quantity of
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doses of X ravs are given at first unfiltered. later
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which is accentuated by the low rate of exchange and the
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tion during sovoro exertion. J lie heart shock of Jiatham includes cases
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vice will be severely punished. They should be eai ly trained to stand
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in babyhood and manipulating the testicle often a difficult matter
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cussed in this report. Ob iously the army medical service has lost
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of Hygiene. She is author of a number of papers on scientific subjects.
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is still not well but there seems to be absolutely no
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these same patients securing results at the vario.is
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J. Jurin an Abstract of his Cases of Stone and Gravel
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sulphate of iron 2 grains pill of aloes and myrrh 3 grains.
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Slcimmed milk closely resembling buttermilk in composition is
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nicious anemia in which the spleen was greatly enlarged had also
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purpofe. All bitters feem to be antidotes to agues
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organism to anaemia but it is not easy to give instDnces. A tendency
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designated as lumbago two years before. The aorta was much diseased
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ago the glands of his neck suppurated and about that
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contained albumen and pas. The treatment ordered was absolute rest
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to decide whether the marks were due to rape or to some other
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in 1799 and his father was for many years Treasurer.
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uected 50 per cent of the patients suffering from tuber
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to help themselves. Sometimes a patient should continue to lie flat
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services and generosity of those gentlemen deserve the fullest acknow
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ance concerning which the others would see the wis
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characters. This opinion is justified by the develop
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jects of status lymphaticus. The meningococcus was isolated in
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