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are deeply reddened and in many instances there is a marked

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The importance of Persia in world medicine lies less in its national

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with him as with Diodes in a more accurate technical phraseology. Ex

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two years ago the belly became distended and the hard tumors

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the throat of a case of ordinary tonsillitis. A strain of strepto

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ACTIVITIES Phi Delta Epsilon Paxson Obstetrical Society Edi

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honorable Honse should take this most important and long neglected subject

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two of them have such an important bearing on the question

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as in the time of Ptolemy Physkon many scholars and physicians were

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Mr. Editor or on the attention of your readers. I come at

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life. Christianity claiming a monopoly of spiritual guidance displayed a

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hypothesis rests upon conjecture and not upon established fact.

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one side. He passed his urine and faeces involuntarily.

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I have seen only one case of this an eruption appeared on

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