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was collapsed airless and firmly adherent by its base to the diaphragm where

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the Societ reiterated and emphasized in 1890 by electing Dr. Lewis

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separated from the rest otherwise the young ones would probably be

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positive reactions were reported as follows Front Royal 1 positive

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After this the faeces are scanty often none being passed

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Engel diagnosed syphilitic hepatitis principally by

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surface having a waxy lustre it softens when warmed. In

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hours before bed time is an effectual remedy against

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us to welcome with joy the appearance of the large mono

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ature from the first may be increased or decreased or primarily

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Hence when the bark is given at ftated intervals for the cure of

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in tht British Medical Journal oi lt io tmhtT 27 1886.

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and recommended that solid instead of liquid food should be tried for a

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abdomen the pedicle was transfixed and tied in two sections

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The presence of inferior physical traits in certain races

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If the subject be placed in a tragic attitude the face

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through the lungs and seven by stooL The size of the alwcess its

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Those patients who show multiple sensitisation that is those who

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ilcliberations has been that a new service of ambulance

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soon known it is the teeth. Here the veterinarian with the

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with garments and the operation was performed in an atmosphere

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from half a gallon to a gallon. As the object is to flush

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to arouse reactions which might be injurious. There is too

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If tubercle bacilli are absent and the tuberculin test is

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tury a resident and practicing physician of Petersburg

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ai e associated with hemianaesthesia and which have been so minutelv

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et lucemae et canes aliqui et offulae quae illos ad eversionem lumi

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tea sugar and jam was deficient in two vitamins and

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evident from the fact that they can translate the same into

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of this character and these have been supplemented by several

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consideration where they can be used to promote the

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nuscript with the usual inscription on it. Neither has he

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available to even novices in genito urinary work. I failed

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means of defence. The intestinal phenomena of the prodromal period are

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excited. In their attempts to walk they fall forward or sideways

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trol tube contains no patient s serum. The 10 tubes are now

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on inquiring if the mare had been injured in any way I elicited

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sextuplets. This case attracted great notice at the time as the family was

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ity his courses were soon followed by enthusiastic students in

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mended oil of peppermint as effectually disguising the flavour of the

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laryngeal stenosis probably by producing temporary tet

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article I referred to the little rectal pockets and

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Contains synonymy keys and descriptions of all the known parrots. The

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astringent then sweetish. Solubility. Almost entirely in

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combined with such features of neurasthenia that a rigid Weir Mitchell

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be used in powder sprinkled over the surface or in ointment as

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annually and which are also appended to the Hospital Reports.

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tation coexists with the hypertrophy the diagnosis may present greater

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small the latter being about one tenth of the former

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a lohoch of a nature equally uninviting. Gargles and

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never be able to manage their own lives successfullv on account

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cannot be used as a means of determination of the side of the

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duced only humoral and earthy fevers fevers which cleared the

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As a test for malingering or hysteria osteoakusia is

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sides of the abdominal opening including skin adipose

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Medicine Surgery Neurology Pediatrics Obstetrics Gyne

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HpHE following editorial comment in The Philadelphia Medical Journal

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after the onset of symptoms. Onopcuing the peritoneum under

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cases the left in thirty six cases. Both sides were

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peritoneum is incised and the uteius still in the abdomen

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commencing failure in valvular diseases. At the onset it usually