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conclusions upon prognosis and indicated the occasion for therapeutic

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A COMPARATIVE survey of Oriental medicine even though extending over

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larger than that of the other leg and much rougher.

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Pallidum Treponema On the Cultivation of Spirochaeta pallida 55

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and flour which the matrons present had applied to stop the hemorrhage.

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nourishment was taken for the last fortnight of her life but what

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otomy. The patient was jilaced in a tent bed and treated as

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In the Christian era came Heras of Cappadocia Menolodos of Nico

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Want of space prevents us from entering more fully into

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In addition to medicinal plants which are in many instances expressly cultivated mineral

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None of the observations given have any priority. In a sub

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less extent affected by quinine than those in the peripheral blood

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aus man heute auf die Gesamttektonik der Karpathen bhcken mu.

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doctrine of Galenism logically and consistently carried out both in theory

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imagination since no one could loosen the tongue of the silent Sphinx.

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All the dyes used whether fat soluble or not stain pure cultures

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Mac s experience as an obstetrician will linger long in his

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Cultures from the tonsil and from the blood stained sputum showed a confluent

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rest. Whether the heart is overstrained during the exer